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We are one of the global leaders in asphalt trade and logistics. We give our employees tools, skills and opportunities so as to keep them open-minded, embracing changes and professional. It is one of the most important parts of what makes us stand out in this market. Different departments work as a team, sharing and utilizing their knowledge and experience to explore innovative solutions for clients’ success.


We continue to support better physical and mental health for employees, including flexible work schedules, greater access to various resources and social events within corporation. Thoughtful and caring culture cultivates resilience and positive attitude among employees, and leads to positive changes for the company.


Since establishment, we have been organizing regular team-building sessions and social events. In recent years, we were able to expand to everyone, our business partners, the trading and shipping communities and people. By creating share values and mutual trust, we stay energetic and enthusiastic to go all the way.

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